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kindof a 3D FPS/3rd person shooter, where players defends a castle.  They then build up the castlel around the cannon, during a build phase.  Perhaps the higher the wall, the better the perspective on their opponents.  pehaps, they gather faster. more powerful cannons.  however, it is harder to repair a higher wall, or perhaps you would choose between repairs and upgrades.  perhaps there are different seige weapons.  There is multiplayer.  Multiplayer can be cooperative or competitive.  there can be teams of multiplayers. three way competition.



types of weapons

  • catapult
  • balista
  • trebuchet

  • infantry
  • archers
  • knights

emphasis on multiplayer and teams really brings the "enfilade" concept to life.

various environments to battle in.  beach... mountain... etc.

Enfilade - Castles
Enfilade - WW2

the higher you go, the different types of cannon you get... starting catapult, then ballista, trebuchet, then cannon

multi levels to the castle, with new technologies to reach new heights
new technologies to attack new heights
building higher requires lower levels to be constructed wisely

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Tim Hettinger,
Jan 12, 2011, 9:01 PM