Frame and Rails


inspecting new parts


Setting up the maker rail.  I intially had the spacers on the inside, and then a few days later i moved them to the opposite side of the carriage plate (this makes the bearings near flush with the carriage plate).


I initially looked at using the Makerslide for the frame, but then I decided to look around for options.

The test frame needs more brackets.  


After looking around, I found a frame out of 4cm extruded rail from the Reuseum for a very decent price.

It was configured for height, so I took it apart and reconfigured it for width.

After being reconfigured for width:

and it's looking pretty good, and quite solid


added adjustable crossbars and makerslide rail

I think I am going to reconfigure the frame have two internal makerslide rails, in a gantry type setup.


I setup two overhead rails in a gantry type configuration.

The overhanging rails move quite smoothly, and quite easily.

The aluminum structure was meticulously cut, so all the sides are exactly the same proportions.  To make the slide rails parallel, I used a spacing jig (a Pentium 3 processor).


Originally, I was going to make the stepper motor mounts out of oak.  
However, while at the local hardware store, I found the perfect piece of angle aluminum.


And some motor mounts were quickly cut from the angle aluminum.

The long axis stepper motor mount.  


the long axis belt pulley.



The across axis brackets and attached stepper.  
I need to reroute the wire for the stepper, and eventually setup a tension idler wheel to help keep the belt taunt.

The mounted stepper motors and belt pulleys in the frame, with attached arduino controller.